Independently owned and operated psychotherapists providing a wide range of services to meet our clients' needs.  


Independently owned and operated psychotherapists providing a wide range of services to treat mental illness and facilitate mental wellness.  We are passionate for advocating for our clients' well-being.  The notion of private practice is consistent with the secrecy of mental and emotional struggles and hence the negative connotation attached to it.  Therapy Network is interested in increasing acceptance through openness, connection, collaboration and education.  


Four private practice therapists who have extensive training with a myriad of clinical populations and settings who decided that working together was better than working separately, which led us to this amazing space we are now sharing.  We envisioned a uniquely collaborative and cooperative environment incorporating many therapists with varied approaches.



Because good mental health necessitate being a part of community and contributing to that community. Therapy Network is a vibrant array of busy clinicians running their own practices side by side.  We have access to  a wealth of in-house referral resources and colleagues to provide mutual assistance and share information. Therapy results in improvement when there is communication among practitioners working with different family members.  This accelerates and  deepens the  therapy  process and gives each therapist a broader perspective on family dynamics. This is accentuated when therapists come from different orientations and utilize professionals such as nurse practitioners and nutritionists. 

Meet Our Team

Natalie A. Kurzejja, LCSW

Christine Petrat, LCSW

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Christine Petrat, LCSW


What to Expect

Therapy Network is Independently owned and operated psychotherapy practices. This gives us a wide resource pool of professionals to treat mental illness and facilitate mental health wellness.  Therapy Network incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, EMDR and other evidenced-based practices that are grounded in scientific research to produce positive outcomes. Each individual clinician will work with you to meet your therapy goals and make sure you find the right therapist.  

You can expect a comfortable and serene atmosphere where clinicians provide a highly personalized approach tailored to your individual needs. We are collaborative on cases as needed. We have a tripod couples therapy model where each spouse has an individual therapist and then a couples therapist who integrates the individual work and regularly consults with the individual therapists. This lends to a more intensive and rapid moving therapy.


                 We are committed to helping you find the right therapist to fit your needs and goals. 




Providing mental health services in Morris County

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Independently owned and operated psychotherapists providing a wide range of services to meet our clients' needs.